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  • We had owned this very rare and unusual variant of the Mini Panel Van for over 20 years! It was in storage until someone came along wanting something very unique! Well that day came about two years ago! Sharon & Steve – already Mini converts, came to us requesting something different! So we uncovered the Hi-Top and gave them a look! They loved it! So the restoration process began! First stop was the sandblaster (it was pretty much a bare shell so we didn’t have to remove much off it initially) then went about  making all the rust repairs which were quite extensive. We put it on our rotissarie to aid in easier access to the tricky rust affected areas and as you can see, spent hour after hour repairing each rust spot bit by bit. It then went off to the paint shop where panels were strightened and the body was prepped for paint. The new owners were set on a Ferarri colour called “Giallo Modena” and the results were nothing short of spectacular!! Then the assembly process began…

    He is is lovingly referred to as “Pugsley” and is one of a fleet of three Mini & Moke derivities in Steve and Sharons “fleet” and they couldn’t be happier!

    BACKGROUND ON THESE HI-TOPS: These vans were made back in the 60′s. A few had the  steel extension roofs, but most were a fiberglass extension, presumably “flopped” off the steel roof.  This particular car is one of the few steel ones around (Note the hand welding done back in the day in the factory).