Sports 1100cc Power Unit

This is easily our most popular package with cost, availability and drivability in mind. We’ve been using this combination since the late 1990’s and it came about due to a number of reasons. 1275cc motors were and are now very hard to get a hold of, a lot of people couldn’t afford a rebuilt 1275 and the disc brakes needed to make it legal, more and more mini owners now own or have just purchased a budget mini or project car and the engine is the most important job needed. The Sports 1100 is a complete power unit – by that we mean an unleaded Cooper head, fully rebuilt short motor (flat top pistons), new clutch assembly, machined flywheel, rebuilt gearbox and diff, new oil and water pumps, re-ground modified camshaft, new followers, re-conditioned rocker gear and double valve springs.  All assembled and warranted. This unit will put out the same horsepower as a standard 1275 unit without needing disc brakes. It’s not a race motor, there’s plenty more you could do to it, but it’s just a more modern version of what BMC and Leyland produced in the 60’s and 70’s.