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  • THE ULTIMATE MOKE!! Look no further!


  • If you are looking into a classic car, and have the budget to buy something special, something that has been rebuilt by THE Moke Specialists -  then this one is for you! 

    It is a lifestyle car,  it’s user friendly, lots of fun, top of the range, hard to find and ofcourse is backed by us 6 day a week! 

    This classic is an investment and will hold its value, if not increase in the years to come.


    1981 Moke Californian

    • ONE OFF
    • Black, chrome and Carbon Fibre
    • 850+hours in its build
    • Best of everything!
    • All modern upgrades incl. Electronic Ignition, unleaded Head Conversion, 100hp 1.3L motor, Modern Seats, 4 seater, Custom wheels…. every nut,  bolt and washer replaced!

    Call Andrew on 02 9938 2242


    We are happy to transport this car interstate or overseas if need be.